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Veneziamare was born from the vision of a city too beautiful to receive what it is undergoing today: most of the people who live it every day take advantage of its beauty, wasting its integrity. We aim to try to improve tourism, making it sustainable and above all in line with the naturalistic context.


Before the engines in Venice people used to row, who still practice it today knows that everything that happens today is not good for the city.
Even if in line with the birth and nature of Venice, today it is impossible to row around. The tourist must enter a completely different mentality from the one he knows, like the tide: homogeneous and slow.

We want to establish a new relationship between tourism and the environment, suitable for Venice and its nature.

Davide De Giorgi

Mother from Burano and fishermen father: immediately the relationship between lagoon and tradition became strong and solid.
Passionate about boats, but his parents didn’t had them: so he started rowing and working in the squero. Thanks to the oar he understood the difficulty and power of the engine in today’s world, synonymous of haste and speed.

Nowadays we are no longer in mimesis with the traditional environment of Venice, we have given more importance to money by crossing the balance line between man and nature, destroying what we believe is giving us a lot of possibilities.

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