Scuola Grande di San Rocco

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The majestic building with its Renaissance architectural style overlooks Campo San Rocco, in the sestiere of San Polo; it stands next to the Church of San Rocco, the saint to whom Venice vowed begging for mercy during the first of the three great plague epidemics, that of the 14th century.

The Scuola Grande was founded in 1478 as the seat of a confraternity of laymen dedicated to charitable works, in 1480 it was named Scuola Grande di San Rocco in grace of the increased number of brethren, to be consecrated in 1508.

During the exhibition that lasts about 2 hours, it is marked by the original mirror with which the ceiling works can be admired.

In addition to the various important sculptures and furnishings, the various rooms (of the “hotel”, capitular, and terrena) house the greatest works by Tintoretto, Giorgione, and Tiziano.

For lovers of art, culture and sacredness and beyond, it is a must to see.







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