Ottica In Barberia

4373 Calle dei Fuseri , Venezia, Veneto 30124, Italy

Two friends, after 20 years of adventures, thinking about the stores of the past, decided to start optics “In Barberia” in Treviso in 2018. , later expanding their fame also in the historic center of Venice.

Known and appreciated for Made in Italy and for their showcase that attracts many people, artisan Antonio cuts, files and polishes eyeglass pieces without machinery and does it in a completely transparent way, sitting on his armchair, behind the glass, creating rare frames and unique glasses.

Antonio’s artisan hand creates masterpieces by hollowing out slabs of acetate, cellulose or zebu, mouflon or buffalo horn; The making of each eyeglass requires about thirty hours of work, based on the morphology of the face to the type of work of the person, passing, of course, by the personality of the client.

Antonio and Marco are waiting for you with the right mood: The glasses we make, we make them with the client and not only for the client.

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