Micromega sunglasses

2436 Calle delle Ostreghe , Venezia, Veneto 30124, Italy

Micromega was founded and grew as a small family-owned business and was granted its first international patent in 2000.

Roberto has always been supported by his son Ugo and wife Luana. Later they bring new life and stimulus to the project by their children Giulio and Anna Elena after several studies in the field of ‘architecture and design.

The idea of eyewear comes from the most diverse occasions: every inspiration is a good inspiration, in their philosophy.

The basic intuition is linked to the search for a minimalist eyewear that can be made with little material and the use of a few, essential tools.

The assembly system using titanium wire allows freedom of expression that even the most extravagant eyewear is still simple in its making. There is never a shortage of ideas in their workshop, sometimes it is the direct customer requests that help the imagination. We are talking about custom-made glasses, lenses cut by hand or through specific machinery according to the type of result required, titanium wire for the “bridge” that joins the two lenses and temples also made of titanium, appearing to be sewn together.. Ultra light and ultra strong.

Correct definition? Uniqueness.

For the more extravagant, Roberto will be happy to create your custom glasses!

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