Libreria La Toletta


Venice’s oldest and largest bookstore, founded in 1933 by Angelo Pelizzato who decided to combine passion into craft.

Angelo did not buy gold or real estate: books.

Books of great value, hundreds of books from the most prestigious publishing house of those times, Benedetto Croce’s Laterza, purchased after the war as a safe haven asset to escape inflation, followed by the decision to do his part, Angelo kept well hidden among the shelves of the Toletta books such as partisan weapons and clandestine magazines.

The war was over, the work continued, and by offering publishers orders for catalog titles, numerically substantial to resell at 40% and 5o% discounts, the famous bookstore became known more and more bearing fruit, a philosophy that is carried on to this day.

In 1976 it leaves the school sector for good, it is finally known outside Venice: the bargains are always unique.

In 2008 it becomes a publishing house with more than 150 thousand items ranging from military history to fiction, not forgetting the history of Venice.

Today the démodé-style Toletta remains on a unique cultural level by organizing events, conferences and cultural meetings.

For lovers of reading, it is a must stop.

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