Exclusive guided tour to Negozio Olivetti with a glass of prosecco in Al Todaro


Walking under the colonnades of the Procuratie Vecchie, you come to a small corner premises that, in 1957, Adriano Olivetti identified as the ideal building for a showcase that could transmit the company’s cultural values in a context where modernity and innovation could live together while respecting the time-honoured surroundings. This challenging commission was given to the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, who completely overhauled the dark, narrow, original unit with an open-plan design based on a brilliant, cutting-edge re-organisation of the spaces, in order to re-shape the volumes while making the most of the light and engaging in a dialogue with the decorative elements.

Exclusive Guided Tour

Together with Negozio Olivetti, we would like to invite you to an extraordinary experience – a private and closed visit to this must-visit place – Negozio Olivetti. The perfect ending will be an aperitif overlooking St Mark’s Square in the iconic Al Todaro.

Please note that the guided tour with aperitif is not available on Wednesdays.

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