Venetian craftsmanship (pt. 1) 3 Brands made in Venice: here authenticity and quality never go out of fashion

Venice is the symbol of style and art.
Its heavenly and enchanting atmosphere allows us to celebrate and highlight the local
craftsmanship and the venetian artisans who have been committed for years to developing
prestigious and high quality brands. The brands are built in this unique city where sunsets dive into
the Grand Canal and exhibitions never cease to amaze. Everything is a bless in Venice.
Here below you can read our selection of brands made in Venice:

  1. BVL VENEZIA / instagram: @bvlvenezia
    Giulia Bevilacqua, the founder, is born in Venice and produces luxury velvetbags and accessories of
    glamorous and elegant taste.
  2. FORNARIA / instagram: @fornaria_store
    Gabriella Botter, the founder, strongly believes in her project: an innovative concept store connected with
    design and high quality craftsmanship. Fornaria is located in San Donà di Piave (Venezia), but you can also
    have a look at their virtual store by clicking the following link:
  3. TEOD’ AMAR VENEZIA / instagram: @teodamar_venezia
    The company founded by Norma Marzà, designer and artisan, produces venetian slippers and bags, beach
    towels, kimonos and accessories made in Italy which represent the timeless beauty of Venice.

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