From Persia to Italy, a special event at Corte di Gabriela: Botè a Mano, the future of fashion!

At Corte di Gabriela we have a main goal, namely, to involve not only our guests but also the inhabitants of our beloved lagoon in our projects and events.

For this reason, we are always in search of new brands and companies with an incredible and and inspiring story which can be described and shared during our events at Corte di Gabriela.

The events, we host and organise, represent our passion for the territory, the quality and our well-know Made in Italy.

On 7th November we celebrated Botè a mano, the brand founded by Shimen and Nilou. A wonderful story connecting Italy to Persia through beauty, originality and craftsmanship. During the event the designers presented their new capsule collection, “stella cadente” (shooting star), inspired by the calmness of the night sky and the shining stars. Bags, shoes and jewels are handcrafted in Italy with raw materials, metals and gemstones.

Botè a mano is not only shoes, but also jewels, homeware and bags. A meeting of different cultures which can work together combining our Italian craftsmanship with the Persian luxury fabrics.

We can say that Botè a mano is more than a brand. It is a bridge which brings you from the past to the future by offering a intercultural dialogue between artisans from different parts of the world.

Theevent took place in our main hall at 6pm and ended at 8pm. After this experience, the participants were offered a typical Italian aperitif.

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