Festa della Sensa

The spectacle of the Gran Canal, a timeless Love.

You may have heard of it for sure, the Feast of the Sensa, which in Venetian, refers to the Christian holiday in memory of Christ’s ascension.

An ancient tradition that allows you to relive the history of the Serenissima and immerse yourself in the sea-rowing relationship, bringing together two important events for the Republic;

May 9 in the year 1000, the rescue of the people of Dalmatia threatened by the Slavs by Doge Pietro II Orseolo and, in the year 1177 when the peace treaty between the Empire and the Papacy was concluded.

Not only spectacle but much history, on this occasion the rite of the Marriage of the Sea is commemorated.

The Doge, aboard the bucintoro reached St. Helena where the bishop’s blessing awaited him, aboard a boat with golden shores.

The ritual: once he reached the mouth of the harbor, he would throw a golden ring into the lagoon.

Voga veneta

Every year the Grand Canal becomes a stage to watch the Venetian rowing competition and procession of traditional rowing boats, the first one dedicated to the Serenissima that hosts the mayor and city authorities, coloring the lagoon.

The whole city participates by transmitting curiosity and joy in every corner
If you want to be among the lucky ones to attend on board at this site you can reserve your place: https://www.vivovenetia.it/festa-sensa/

Who will be awarded the victory?

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