International Festival Contemporary Music

Lucia Ronchetti studied composition and electronic music at the Conservatorio Santa
Cecilia in Rome and graduated in Music History from La Sapienza University in Rome.
Her new choral work Les paroles gelées is scheduled for 2022 at the Nouvelle
Philharmonie in Paris.

Lucia will conduct the 66th Contemporary Music Festival.
The Biennale Musica festival, dedicated to experimental music theater, presents a
vast panorama of current research according to very diverse styles, compositional techniques and technologies
diversified, will take place from September 14 to 25, 2022.

The Biennale Musica 2022 will present new works of experimental music theater, such as
example Giorgio Battistelli, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement 2022, a new
production of Jules Verne performed by the performers of Ars Ludi, Silver Lion 2022, on the
opening night of the festival at Teatro la Fenice.
Battistelli, will be engaged in the unusual capacity of director.

The work highlights his ability to theatricalize the performing gesture, evoking the
imaginative and fanciful aspect of the rhythmic world, exploring the everyday life in which we are
immersed in with the ability to transform it into a poetic and tightrope walking compositional reality,
living each performance engagement as an existential experience to be shared
with fun and complicity, communicating to the audience a sense of the necessity and the
joy of being onstage, moving nimbly through the wondrous set that is their world,
the ideal home of every sound hunter.
The festival program also includes some classics of “instrumental theater.”

New musical theater productions will be presented at La Fenice Theater,
in the Sansovinian Hall of the Biblioteca Marciana, in the Basilica of San Marco, in the Sala
capitular of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, in the Hall of Columns of Ca’ Giustinian,
in the spaces of the Conservatorio “Benedetto Marcello” at Palazzo Pisani, at the Teatro
Goldoni, in the Squero of the Giorgio Cini Foundation and in the various spaces of the Arsenal:
the Tese dei Soppalchi, the Sala d’armi E, Tese II and III and the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale.

Places rethought in their acoustic and architectural uniqueness to become spaces for
contemporary creativity in the hands of emerging composers, the New Dreamers, present in
Venice as early as February 2022 for inspections, rehearsals, visits and meetings, with the idea of creating
a new season of the Venetian Carnival, harking back to the Carnival seasons
of the early seventeenth century.

Indeed, one of the goals of the festival is to establish a connection between the
Venetian Baroque opera experimentalism and recent developments in dramaturgy
contemporary, with the involvement of the city’s most important institutions and its
historical sites.
The early Venetian composers of the new genre of musical theater dealt creatively with
creative way many issues related to acoustic and visual cohesion that have continued
over the centuries to be open issues in musical dramaturgy, from the position and
role of instruments on stage to devising techniques related to visual “rhythm.”

Like many protagonists of the extraordinary Baroque season, the composers invited to
Venice by the Music Biennale 2022 are impresarios of their own project, creating their own
their dramaturgy, defining the necessary techniques and technologies, gathering artists,
actors, musicians capable of understanding their project and playing different roles, relating to
a new audience to seek an empathetic response and possible dialogue.

The combination of these events, which illuminate and amplify the different genres and dimensions
stylistic dimensions of experimental music theater, represent the most ambitious achievement
of the Biennale Musica 2022, that of bringing to the public’s attention the most
extreme, fragile but at the same time most futuristic musical dramaturgy

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