When you’re in Venice, eat like a Venetian: 5 typical dishes you’ll love

Looking to pass for a local when you come to Venice? The best way to do this is to try the typical foods in Venice! Here’s our list of a must-try dishes:

Baccala mantecato

One of the most ancient and typical dishes in Venice is baccalà mantecato (creamed cod). This preparation, a fixture in the city’s bàcari or bars, is made by soaking, boiling and whipping stockfish with olive oil until mousse-like. The creamed cod is then spread on slices of bread or grilled white polenta and eaten as part of a cichetto, the city’s typical, almost tapas-like ritual bite to eat and drink. To try 100% baccalà mantecato you should go to:

Osteria Al Bacareto

Sarde in saor.

Sarde in saor (marinated sardines)are one of those dishes from traditional peasant cuisine that today represents an emblem of Veneto‘s regional cuisine. Sarde in Saor, a dish that consists of sardines, onions and balsamic vinegar. This one tastes quite strong, but they sweeten it with raisins, pine nuts, and red wine. Taste some at:

Trattoria alla Madonna


When in Venice, you must try cichettiCicchetti is the Venetian word for a small plate of food, something you would have not as a main meal but as an accompaniment to a drink. Common cicchetti includes tiny sandwiches, plates of olives or other vegetables, small servings of a combination of seafood, meat and vegetable ingredients laid on top of a slice of bread or polenta. To get a taste of one of the few unspoiled local traditions still present in Venice, we suggest going to:

Osteria Ai Pugni

Granseola Alla Veneziana

The granseola, or spider crab, is one of the finest and most refined appetizers in Venice. The name Granseola comes from the Venetian words Granso ( crab) and Seola ( onion). This is seafood specialty is very delicate and tasty at the same time. It is typically prepared boiled in a vegetable broth and seasoned just with olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper. The name Granseola comes from the Venetian words Granso (crab) and Seola (onion).

Trattoria alla Madonna

Spaghetti neri alle seppie

Possibly one of the most Venetian dishes around, spaghetti neri alle seppie. This plate of pasta is as deeply black as charcoal. Don’t leave Venice without trying this delicious pasta dish.

Osteria al Cantinon

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