Meet “To be Venice”

Venice is a living, breathing work of art floating upon the sea. It is a city like no other in the world. We invite you to discover the beauty of Venice through the eyes of Corte di Gabriela.

Every corner of Venice hides mystery and magic. We want to help you discover it! To be Venice was created with a specific intention – to acquaint its visitors with the craftsmanship, the local products, the traditional cuisine with its typical dishes and tho help them safely buy original Venetian products.

Many guests visiting our hotel Corte di Gabriela have asked where to eat typical Venetian food, where to buy real Murano glass or a handmade Venetian mask. So, we decided to create a kind of guide to help our guests and rediscover Venice. We want you to feel like a locals, to get to know the real Venetian places and the people who create them. With us you can visit the only coffee roastery in Venice – Caffè Girani, make your own Venetian mask at Atelier Marega, or travel to the island of Murano with Emi Art Glass to learn the secrets of Murano glass making. You will discover local craftsmanship to rediscover the value and quality of handmade items.

We decided to make it easy for you, so on our website you will find not only our carefully selected places, but also direct links with the location, which will take you directly to the chosen place. Are you ready to discover the beauty of Venice through the eyes of Corte di Gabriela?


The idea of “To be Venice” came to me in 2020, during lockdown. The main intention was to create a network of places related to Corte di Gabriela that I often visit in Venice, from restaurants to artisan shops, museums, theatres, concerts, original boutiques such as Pot Pourri or Emi Murano Glass.

It is entirely my own initiative. My goal is to create a network of up to 60 places that can do something for the city of Venice by collaborating together.

I have always thought of the ”To be Venice” project as a virtual guide that not only visitors to Corte di Gabriela will be able to use, but also people coming to Venice. Given that with the pandemic we have all become increasingly accustomed to using technology, I want our website to be as user-friendly and helpful as possible.

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